Our Vision:

Creating a society where Individuals with a learning disability and/or autism are inspired to live fulfilling lives.

A Summer of Super Activities!

Come and join Talkback Nclude for Summer Activities! Enjoy the sun, make more friends, have a great time and learn new skills along the way. We have a range of activities to take part in this summer in Buckinghamshire.

Playing seated volleyball

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering utilises your talents, helps you grow & builds confidence. It’s a great way to enhance your CV, make friends along the way and most importantly, do something fulfilling. See our latest opportunities here!

Trendy young woman with pink hair smiles while working on a painting. She is painting on a canvas. She is sitting in a wheelchair.

Video of the month

This film takes a fun look at some of the interactions that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities experience in the community.