Our Vision:

Creating a society where Individuals with a learning disability and/or autism are inspired to live fulfilling lives.

A Summer of Super Activities!

Come and join Talkback Nclude for Summer Activities! Enjoy the sun, make more friends, have a great time and learn new skills along the way. We have a range of activities to take part in this summer in Buckinghamshire.

Playing seated volleyball

Who we are

We have worked for over 20 years in a person-centred way with over 1000 people who have learning needs and/or autism. Our values are to INSPIRE all our members and staff to create a better society.

Trendy young woman with pink hair smiles while working on a painting. She is painting on a canvas. She is sitting in a wheelchair.

Video of the month

A 12-year-old describes how living with Non-Verbal Learning Disability affects her in social situations.